Freprap training videos


training videos

Rhinophoto training videos

These videos explain how to modelize a boat hull from a set of photo. The full process is detailled step-by-step.

Coded targets used : Magnetics 400x200 & 300x150
Camera : Nikon D700 + Lens Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
Reference bars : 3 Reference bars, Length 4000mm with Magnetic support.
Boat Size (L x W x H) : ~27 x 8 x 6 meters
Number of photos : ~90

Preparing the hull

How to Positon Coded Targets
How to Take the Shots
(Duration 3' 20")  (Duration 2' 20")
training_video_how_to_position_targets.jpg training_video_how_to_take_shots.jpg 


Digitising the hull, the rhinophoto process

How to Digitise a Hull :
The Main Rhinophoto Process
Separating Targets into Layers and
Computing Tips for Different Target Sizes
(Duration 7' 20") (Duration 3' 00")
 training_video_01.jpg  training_video_02.jpg


Modelling the hull with rhino & rhinoResurf

Modelling the Hull :
Drawing Boundary Curves

Modelling the Hull :
Preparing the Point Cloud for RhinoResurf

(Duration 6' 30") (Duration 2' 50")
 training_video_03.jpg training_video_04.jpg 
Modelling the Hull :
Creating the Hull Surface
Modelling the Hull :
Finalising the Hull
(Duration 2' 00") (Duration 2' 30")
 training_video_05.jpg training_video_06.jpg 
Creating Sections for
Stability Computation
(Duration 3' 45")